Nigel House

Operator:  Broadmead Care Society
Address:   846 Nigel Avenue, Victoria, BC  V8X 4E5
Phone:     250-475-2050

Nigel House - exterior   Nigel House Interior Photo


Access to subsidized residential care is coordinated by Health Authority staff. For more information on subsidized residential care, contact the Home Health Office nearest you. Please do not contact the Operator directly regarding subsidized residential care. For information on private residential care, please refer to the Seniors Housing Directory of BC.


Publicly Subsidized Units: 22
Private-Pay Units: 0

Building Description

Built in 1976, Nigel House is a two story building with a private courtyard for outdoor activities, located across from Saanich Plaza and close to the new Uptown Centre. It has both private and semi-private accommodation. There is a main dining room which also serves as the group activity area.

Building Amenities

Air conditioned lounge, communal dining room and activity room, outdoor courtyard. Some rooms have private patios or balconies.

Neighbourhood/Community Amenities

Close to urban shopping and community centres, near disability access to Lochside trail and a central location for handyDART services.

Language, Culture or Religious Affiliation

English is the common language and there are no particular cultural or religious affiliations.

Accreditation Status

Full Accreditation with Accreditation Canada.

Accreditation is an external peer review process to assess and improve the services health care organizations provide to their patients and clients, based on standards of excellence set by Accreditation Canada. For more information, visit here: http://www.accreditation.ca/en/default.aspx.

Is Accommodation Private or Shared?


Type of Accommodation

  • 16 private rooms with private bathrooms. Each bathroom has a toilet and sink; most also have a shower designed for people with disabilities.
  • 3 double rooms with a shared bathroom. The double rooms are generous in size with privacy dividers and curtains. Each bathroom has a toilet, sink and shower designed for people with disabilities.


Residents pay up to 80% of their after-tax income which covers the cost of food and accommodation.

Special Recreational Opportunities

Nigel House encourages quality of life through individual goal setting and identification of meaningful activities and community connections. Focus areas include health and fitness, community integration, social and life skills development, learning, fun and entertainment. Nigel staff work with residents to set goals and select individual and group activities under the different focus areas such as music and arts programs, horticulture, personal image development, laughter yoga, swimming and gym programs, massage health talks. Nigel staff parnter with many community organizations to provide residents with opportunities to participate in community programs and activities.


Nigel is designed to meet the needs of people with physical disabilities. All rooms, washrooms and courtyards are designed to be wheelchair accessible.

Motorized Scooter Policy

Nigel residents may use motorized scooters or power mobility equipment.  Residents using power mobility equipment must be assessed by Nigel Therapy Services to ensure they have safe driving skills.

Pet Policy

Nigel recognizes the importance and value that pets have for many people. Due to infection control and allergy concerns Nigel House cannot accommodate residents to have their own pet. Nigel has Pet Therapy volunteers who visit with their pets. Visitors who wish to bring in their dog or other pet when visiting a resident should understand the following requirements. Visiting pets must be clean, free of fleas, vaccinated, free of open sores, well behaved, quiet and PATS-certified. Visiting dogs must be controlled on leash at all times during their visit and any other type of pet should be carried in the appropriate cage or carrying case. Visiting pets are not allowed in the dining rooms or any areas where food is prepared. Visitors with pets that are not meeting these requirements will be asked to remove the pet from the facility immediately.

Smoking Policy

Nigel House is a non-smoking building. Residents that smoke can be accommodated but must be able to comply with Nigel's smoking guidelines. Resident smoking is restricted to designated outdoor areas. Visitor and staff smoking is restricted to designated outdoor areas and there is no visitor or staff smoking allowed on the grounds, in order to comply with Provincial Tobacco Control Act regulations and the "smoke free premises"  restrictions of the Vancouver Island Health Authority.

Safety/Security Features

Nigel is not a secure facility. Doors are locked in the evening and unlocked in the morning according to established procedures. Residents may leave and enter the building 24 hours/day. Residents must be able to find their way around within the residence and if they go out into the community they must be able be able to find their way back to the residence safely.

Facility-Specific Restrictions

Nigel House is a residential care facilty for adults with disabilities who are between 19 and 55 years old at the time of admission.  Their disabilities are primarily physical and result from trauma, neurological degenerative diseases, or birth anomalies.

Visiting Information

Note:  Provincial policy requires all visitors to be informed:  "Violence, foul language and abusive behaviours are not acceptable. Verbal threats or acts of violence will not be tolerated and may result in removal from this facility and/or prosecution.”