Selecting a Residential Care Residence

How do I choose which Residential Care Facility is best for me?

It is important to speak to your family and your case manager about which residential care facility is best for you.

It is advisable that you tour prospective facilities. Tours need to be scheduled in advance with the residential care facility staff.

You should consider the following:

      • Your geographic location
      • What your personal needs are
      • What activities the residential care facility can provide.

First appropriate bed policy

If you are eligible, and have been assessed as needing publicly subsidized residential care, a "first appropriate bed" policy is in place.

This means that you are required to accept the first appropriate bed that becomes available within your local health services area.

Clients can still ask for their choice of facility, but must accept the first appropriate bed while they wait for their chosen facility to become available.

You must be prepared to move within 48 hours of being offered a bed. The case manager or hospital liaison nurse will support you as you consider your options. These options include but are not limited to:

      • using publicly subsidized support services
      • using private pay home supports
      • moving into a private pay residential care facility  

For more information about publicly subidized residential care facilities, or other community support services, please contact the Home Health Office in your community.

Can I go on a wait list?

VIHA does not maintain wait lists for access to its residential care facilities. Instead, access is prioritized according to need. This helps make sure people who need residential care services right away can access it as soon as possible.  Access to residential care before you need it is not possible.

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