Access Housing

Access Housing is an alternative to Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL), Shared Care Housing, or independent living in the community with conventional home support services.

Access Housing provides a more accessible physical environment than many conventional apartments and is best suited for younger adults with a chronic condition that affects their day-to-day living.

What does Access Housing include?

Access Housing provides clients with:

  • A single occupancy apartment (the Residential Tenancy Act applies)
  • A physically accessible environment including automated elevators, remote gate and door access, and a limited number of units with remote auto-door openers and dead bolts
  • Access to conventional scheduled home support services
  • Access to Lifeline Emergency Response
  • Access to Home and Community Care professional services, e.g. nursing, rehabilitation, dietitian, social work.

Who is eligible?

Clients must be eligible for Home and Community Care Case Management and be living in an environment that is unsuitable for their physical disability.

Clients must require daily assistance with personal care and must be able to benefit from the setting. Their medical condition must be stable, and not require unscheduled support from a health professional.

There is an Access Housing site at The Pacifica Apartments on Fisgard St. in Victoria, BC.