Health Services for Community Living

Health Services for Community Living (HSCL) provides professional consultation, care planning, education, advocacy and direct care to adults with developmental disabilities.  This non-emergency services adds to and complements existing formal and informal community services.

      • Nursing
      • Rehabilitation
      • Nutrition
      • Dental Hygiene
      • Dysphagia

HSCL addresses the importance of health in its broadest sense, i.e. optimal physical, emotional and intellectual health for the individual in their community. 

Services are free of charge.  This service delivery is carried out in partnership with Community Living BC.

Community Living BC provides support and services through funds from the BC Ministry of Housing and Social Development to adults living with developmental disabilities and their families in British Columbia.

For more information please read about accessing services or by contacting the General Enquiries Line in your area:

South Island: 250-388-2273  Toll-Free 1-888-533-2273
Central Island: 250-739-5749  Toll-Free 1-877-734-4101
North Island: 250-331-8570  Toll-Free 1-866-928-4988