Home Health Monitoring

What is Home Health Monitoring?

Home Health Monitoring is a free service to support people living with heart failure or COPD to manage their condition from the comfort of their home. By participating in this service, you will improve your knowledge of your chronic disease and ability to manage your own health.

Home Health Monitoring Equipment Tools are provided to help you manage your heart failure or COPD:

    • Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Weigh Scale
    • Pulse Oximeter
    • Education Binder

Video: What is Home Health Monitoring?


How do I participate in Home Health Monitoring?

If you or a family member have heart failure or COPD, speak with your physician or nurse practitioner, your nurse while in hospital or call your home health office to find out if Home Health Monitoring is right for you.  


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What will I be doing if I participate in Home Health Monitoring?

Participation in this service only takes a few minutes a day. Your results and response are automatically sent to the Home Health Monitoring Nurse. 

Patient monitoring their vital signs

If you choose to participate, you will:

  1. Measure your blood pressure, weight, and oxygen level every morning

  2. Answer a few questions to help evaluate your health daily

Video: An average day using Home Health Monitoring


How will the Home Health Monitoring nurse help me?




Monitors and looks for changes in your measurements Monday to Friday


Contacts you regularly to review your results and answer your questions


Sends reports and communicates concerns to your physician

Client Stories

See how Home Health Monitoring has helped El and her family manage her condition from the comfort of her own home. Rural Health: Home Health Monitoring in Gold River (2:21s)