Other Housing Options

Family Care Home Services

Family care homes are single family residences that provide supportive accommodation for up to two clients. 

They offer a homelike atmosphere, nutritious meals, and laundry services, along with any required personal care assistance, such as bathing, grooming and dressing. 

Family Care Homes can be an alternative to a care facility for eligible clients in the Acquired Brain Injury Program.

What does it cost?

A new rate structure was introduced in January 2010 for all residential care and family care home clients. Monthly client rates are based on 80% of your after-tax income; minimum and maximum rates apply. If you receive disability benefits from the Ministry of Housing and Social Development, you pay a fixed client rate. Your Service Coordinator will inform you of your client rate.

Please see the Acquired Brain Injury Program for more information.

Specialized Housing

VIHA provides specialized housing options for people living in the community that seek an alternative to assisted living, and for those that require specialized services such as an environment that is physically accessible or is drug and alcohol-free.

The specialized housing options offered are:

For more information, please read about accessing services or contact an Island Health Home Health Office near you.