Vaccines save lives and make it possible to live free of the illness and disability associated with many preventable diseases.  The resources below will help you understand vaccine preventable diseases, where to get immunized and when. For more information, please visit ImmunizeBC or contact your local public health unit.


The timing of your immunizations can have a huge impact on how protected you are.  ImmunizeBC has identified the key times for vaccinations and boosters against various diseases:

For children receiving vaccines, parents are asked to provide the child's name, date of birth and care card number to the immunizing nurse who will verify these details and obtain consent before proceeding.

Additional resources:

Travel Health and Immunizations

Improve your chances of staying healthy by visiting a travel health clinic prior to travel abroad. 

December 19, 2017:

There has been an increase of meningococcal disease in the Okanagan. While the risk to the general population is low, youth aged 15-19 years who are travelling to the Okanagan Health Service Delivery Area for three weeks or longer are eligible to receive a meningococcal vaccine. Please contact your local health unit for more information. To learn about the outbreak, see the Interior Health website.

Influenza (Flu) Immunizations

Information and updates about flu and immunization.   

Vaccine Preventable Diseases

Vaccines can help protect you from a range of dangerous diseases: