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On August 1 st, we launched our new public website:


and a new website for medical staff:


Our website was developed in partnership with patients and residents of Vancouver Island and the surrounding regions. It's accessible, mobile friendly and flexible to help us evolve with our communities as we work towards excellent health and care for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Come visit the new sites and update your bookmarks. This www.viha.ca site will continue to be available for one month so that our staff and partners have time to update their links to the new site. You can still browse the old site but it will no longer be updated.


Contact the Heart Health Program


Heart Health
Royal Jubilee Hospital
1952 Bay St.
Victoria, BC V8R 1J8

Program Contacts

To contact a program or service, please visit Heart Health Services.


Visit our Heart Health Physicians page for contact information.



Ryan Davis, Director

Michelle Herritt, Assistant


Israel Roman (NRGH) Heart Health's EDS and ECHO, ICU
T: 250.755.7691 local 56921 E: israel.roman@viha.ca

Carmen B. Blanchard Pacemaker RJH, Heart Cath Lab (HCL), Electrophysiology Lab (EP), Cardiac Short Stay, Heart Health IS
E: carmen.blanchard@viha.ca

Rhonda Porter
CTU, PCC 3 North, PCC 3 South
T: 250.519.7700 ex. 17330  E: rhonda.porter@viha.ca

Teresa Hanna

Coronary Care Unit (CCU), Cardiovascular Unit (CVU), Perfusion Services 
T: 250.519.1925  E: teresa.hanna@viha.ca

Ryan Davis A/Manager
Cardiac/Respiratory Rehab, Heart Function, Atrial Fibrillation Clinic,  RJH/VGH Echocardiography, Cardiac EDS (RJH, VGH, SPH)