Heart Surgery and Procedures

The following handouts are available for heart surgery and procedure patients.

Heart Surgery

Before During and after Your Heart Surgery (PDF)

Heart Surgery Care Map (PDF)

Catheterization Procedures

Getting Ready for Cardiac Catheterization Procedure (PDF)

Vascular Closure Perclose.pdf (PDF)

Vascular Closure Angio Seal.pdf (PDF)

Going Home After Aortic Valvuloplasty (PDF)

Going home after your Cardiac Catheterization Femoral Approach.pdf (PDF)

Going Home after Cardiac Catheterization Radial Approach.pdf (PDF)

Going home after your Cardiac Biopsy (PDF)

Coronary Stent Procedures

Medications After a Coronary Stent Procedure (PDF)

Cardiac Devices, ICDs and Pacemakers

Getting Ready for Your Cardiac Device Insertion (PDF)

Going home after your Cardiac Device, Pacemaker Implant or Pacemaker Lead (PDF)