Heart Health Services

Island Health cares for heart patients in a variety of locations. The Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria is a Heart Health Centre of Excellence, caring for people across the region.



Labs and Testing


Echocardiography Labs

Each lab offers three types of procedures (regular, stress and transesophageal). A standard echocardiogram uses non-invasive ultrasound-based technology to record images of the heart to analyze structure, function, and overall cardiac performance.



Provides inpatient and outpatient cardiovascular-related diagnostic testing, such as electrocardiogram (ECG/EKG), holter monitoring, tilt-table testing, and exercise treadmill tests.


Electrophysiology & Heart Catheterization Labs

These labs diagnose and treat patients for a wide spectrum of cardiac disorders. Our EP labs specialize in diagnosis and treatment of complex arrhythmias and lead the country in pulmonary vein isolation procedures.




Clinics and Programs


Atrial Fibrillation Clinic

Provides education and medical management through our nurse/pharmacist-managed and physician-directed program. The goal of this provincial initiative is to improve access for patients living with this rhythm disorder. Learn more

BC Inherited Arrhythmia Program

The BC Inherited Arrhythmia Program (BCIAP) is a provincial program which combines the expertise of specialists in both adult and pediatric cardiology along with medical genetics, to identify, screen and manage patients and families affected by an inherited heart rhythm condition. BC Inherited Arrhythmia Program (BCIAP) (PDF)

Cardiac Rehabilitation / Risk Reduction Program

Teaches individuals about their disease, symptoms and management. Our emphasis is on assisting outpatients through our prevention program to make lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, increasing physical activity, and eating healthily. Learn more

Heart Function Clinics

Provides education and medical optimization through nurse case management and physician direction. The goal of the clinic is to improve the patient’s quality of life and to help them manage their heart function to the best of their abilities. Learn more

Lipid Clinics

Lipid clinics provide lipid (cholesterol) management services for people having difficulty managing their dyslipidemia.


  • Duncan Lipid Clinic: 250-748-1323
  • Nanaimo Lipid Clinic: 250-714-1157
  • Victoria Lipid Clinic: 250-381-3830

Pacemaker Clinics & Defibrillator Clinic

Provides evaluation and ongoing follow-up for patients with implanted pacemakers and defibrillators to ensure each device is working properly, and to monitor the life of the device. Learn more

Also see: Home Health Monitoring



Hospital Units and Wards


Post Open Heart Surgery Recovery Ward

A telemetry unit where open heart surgery patients recover following surgery and receive educational support. The care offered includes a pacemaker program.


Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit

This cardiovascular intensive care unit handles a daily average of three to four open heart, thoracic/abdominal aneurysm or laser lead surgeries.


Coronary Care Unit

This unit cares for medical cardiac patients who may be unstable and require intensive monitoring and interventions. Examples include: post myocardial infarction, cardiac arrest, heart failure and arrhythmias.

Medical Cardiology cares for patients with a variety of cardiac illnesses, and specializes in arrhythmia management.

Cardiac Short Stay is an recovery unit for patients who have undergone heart catheterization and electrophysiology procedures.