Piercy Respite Hotel

The Piercy Respite Hotel offers a safe, secure and supportive environment to guests, enabling their caregivers to have a period of rest and renewal.  The dining room, enclosed garden, and fireside lounge provide a comfortable setting for social interaction.

The hotel operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We are located on the main floor of the Hillside Seniors Health Centre at 1454 Hillside Avenue, Victoria, BC, three blocks from the Hillside Shopping Centre. We can be reached at (250) 370-5641 during business hours, seven days per week.


The hotel offers 12 attractively furnished private rooms with:

  • ensuite bathrooms
  • complimentary TV with a remote control and cablevision
  • telephone, and
  • 24-hour call bell system.

Telephones and clock radios are available for each room.

All rooms, including bathrooms, are wheelchair accessible.

The hotel operates like a guesthouse, with hospitality and personal care services included.

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Who is Eligible?

Individuals may be able to book a stay at the hotel if they:

  • are age 55 and over
  • live at home in the community
  • require minimum to moderate assistance with activities of daily living, and
  • receive assistance or support from family members or a friend to maintain their independence.

Guests of the hotel may vary in their mental and physical abilities, but all must be medically stable, and must have a family caregiver who lives in Greater Victoria.

There is no physician on site.  Guests will need to continue working with their family physician to manage their care while in the hotel.

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Making a Reservation

Families may contact the Vancouver Island Health Authority's Home and Community Care General Enquiries Line at (250) 388-2273 to begin the screening process, which is the first step in making an application for a stay at the Respite Hotel. 

Guests, family members, friends, neighbours, physicians, or other health professionals can call the hotel directly at (250) 370-5641 during business hours. 

We aim to respond quickly to scheduling requests, as long as guests are eligible, medically stable, and have completed the registration process.

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Cost and Method of Payment 

The Ministry of Health sets the standard rate for respite service at the hotel and all respite facilities within the Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA). 

Arrangements for payment will be handled when you check in.  We prefer and accept credit cards.  Certified cheques or debit card payments can also be arranged.  The VIHA Finance Department will issue a receipt and send it to you by mail.  

Guests and family caregivers will be made aware of any other fees in advance of the scheduled stay.

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What Will I Do at the Hotel?

There will be many opportunities for social interaction at the hotel.  Some favourite activities include:

  • enjoying fresh air in the garden
  • special meals
  • celebrating birthdays
  • cards and games
  • afternoon tea
  • entertainment and movies
  • seasonal activities
  • morning coffee and news
  • meeting and conversing with other guests
  • enjoying an afternoon of quiet reading in a recliner by the fireplace

Guests are welcome to bring in any books, hobbies, music tapes, or crafts from home.  

Volunteers provide companionship and may also assist with activities such as reading out loud or writing letters.

Guests should feel free to participate in any of the activities in the Yakimovich Wellness Centre just down the hall, and to discuss the activity schedule with hotel staff.

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There is limited two hour parking available on Gosworth Street off Hillside Avenue.  Paid parking is available at the back of the building (see Aberdeen Parking Info). 

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Compliments or Concerns

We want guests to have a comfortable, pleasant and safe stay at the hotel.  Your opinion counts.  Please let any staff member know if you have questions or concerns during your stay. 

You may also contact the Vancouver Island Health Authority Patient Care Quality Office at (250) 370-8323.

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