NOTE additional databases are listed in the left-hand navigation bar. Most include some fulltext.  An asterisk ( * ) indicates databases accessible only from a networked Island Health computer. Offsite access (Island Health only). 
Library staff can search additional databases for you including Ageline, Native Health, Soc Abstracts and many more.

Clinical databases 

PubMed Medline    Ebsco Medline *    
       Ovid Medline *

Health Business Elite*  health care
      administration & management
      (an Ebsco database)

PsychINFO * (an Ebsco database)


Rehabilitation Reference Centre *   


Drugs & natural products

e-CPS * (Compendium of Pharmaceuticals &
Lexicomp * interactions, toxicology & more.  
     for offsite access visit Pharmacy Intranet site
Medications & Mothers Milk
Natural Medicines

Pharmacy Intranet drug databases and links *

DPIC BC Drug and Poison Information Centre ~ includes a Drug Information line for BC Healthcare professionals

Evidence-based care

UpToDatesynthesized evidence based, peer reviewed information for quick answers to clinical questions  

Accreditation Canada Leading Practices database      

CADTH for decision making on medical devices & drugs
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews *
All EBM Reviews *
Fulltext EBM Reviews *  

SUPPORT TOOLS for evidence-informed health Policymaking (STP) John Lavis, Knowledge Transfer guru  

eMedicine/Medscape  evidence-based content, updated regularly, undergoes 4 levels of physician peer review

American Family Physician Point-of-Care Guides by Topic     

Nursing databases & clinical images

CINAHL * (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) (an Ebsco database) 

Clinical Skills * (adopted by Island Health to guide clinical practice

ClinicalKey for Nursing  * (adopted by Island Health to guide clinical practice)   

PubMed for Nurses


Advisory Board/ Global Center for Nursing Executives * strategic & operational best practices.  Register for offsite access

See also Nursing Made Incredibly Easy * and Evidence-Based Nursing*  journals              


Clinical images               

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