Fluoroscopy is a medical imaging tool that uses x-rays to produce a series of images of different moving parts of the body. In addition to being utilized in medical imaging, fluoroscopy is often used in the operating room during surgical procedures. Some common procedures using fluoroscopy include Stomach x-rays, which require the patient to drink a Barium beverage, and Joint injections, which require an injection of freezing (local anesthetic), contrast material and/or medication. During the procedure, a patient lies or stands still between an x-ray tube and a fluorescent screen coupled with an image intensifier and a specialized video camera for the image transmission.

Appointment Information

  • For appointments booked two weeks in advance, the patient should receive a letter in the mail indicating: date, time, location of the appointment, preparation instructions, and a map.
  • For appointments booked within two weeks, the patient will be contacted directly by the ordering physician's office, or a medical imaging booking clerk, with the necessary information. 
  • The patient is responsible for providing his/her physician with the most current address, home and cell phone numbers in order to receive prompt service.

Exam Time

Up to 30 minutes

*Please note that exam time may vary depending on the procedure.

The procedure is available in the following MI locations: