Psychiatric Emergency Services

Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) in the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital is a specialized unit within the Emergency Department.  The PES provides specialized mental health and substance use services for those members of our community that require assessment, crisis stabilization and treatment that require emergency psychiatric intervention.

Psychiatric Intensive Care (PIC) is a regional inpatient unit at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital for individuals with severe mental illness requiring the highest level of safety and security in an environment that provides specialized care and staff.

Contact Us

1200 Dufferin Cresent
Nanaimo, BC  V9S 2B7

Phone:  250-755-7691
Pyschiatric Emergency Services (PES)  ext: 52592
Psychiatric Intensive Care (PIC) ext: 52595



Access to this service is through the main Emergency Department at the Nanaimo Regional General Hospital at 1200 Dufferin Cresent, Nanaimo