Acute Inpatient Services: Nanaimo

A 24-bed psychiatric unit in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital provides acute inpatient assessment and  treatment services. 

Contact Us

Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
1200 Dufferin Crescent
Nanaimo, BC  V9S 2B7
Phone: 250.755.7691 ext. 52081

Access Services

Inpatient services are accessed through your family doctor, psychiatrist or through emergency.

Services Provided

Individuals Served

  • Adolescents, adults and seniors
  • Individuals experiencing mental illness, eating disorders, head injuries, mental handicaps, age-related behaviour changes as well as forensic patients.

Services Provided

  • Stabilization of acutely ill patients and linkage to community mental health and addiction services for follow up, continued treatment and recovery.
  • Pre-care when possible prior to a patient's admission
  • Comprehensive assessment including psychiatric, psychosocial, occupational therapy and nursing information.
  • Personalized care plans designed by the treatment team in collaboration with the individual and, when appropriate, family members.
  • Treatment based on the individual's care plan.
  • Follow-up support as outlined in the discharge planning.
  • Activity schedules are personalized to the unique needs of each patient depending on staffing and patient acuity.