Residential/Housing Support Program

Provides specialized residential or community housing support. 

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203-2000 Island Highway
Nanaimo, BC V9S 5W3
Phone: 250.739.5710
Fax: 250.729.0305

Access Services

Beds listed under Residential/Housing Support are accessed by many different programs including:

Services Provided

Residential/Housing provides several levels of support:

  • Acute Care Hospital:  Short and Medium term inpatient hospitalization
  • Tertiary Care:  Long-stay psychiatric units
  • Crisis Stabilization Beds:  Short-stay, specializing in crisis stabilization
  • Detox Beds:  Short-stay beds used for withdrawal management
  • Licensed  Residential Care:  24 hour professional supervision and support.  Services include room, board, recreation, rehabilitative therapy, medication administered
  • High Intensity Supported Housing:  24 hour support with access to nursing on a daily basis and on call on weekends.  Services include room board, supervision and monitoring
  • Moderate Intensity Supported Housing:  Care and monitoring provided by someone on a regular basis (even daily) but not constantly available
  • Light Intensity Supported Housing:  Independent living units with support provided through a case manager, or surveillance by landlord, or occasional support worker