Integrated Care Team Victoria

The Integrated Care team provides short term support for people with severe and persistent mental illness whose mental health needs are being provided by their family physicians. 
Our program provides support for a transitional period and focuses on enhancing an individual’s personal responsibility, confidence,  and community supports, while building skills to manage their wellness collaboratively with their family physician.

Contact Us

1119 Pembroke Street
Victoria, BC V8T 1J3
Phone: 250-519-3547
Fax: 250-381-3222

Access Services

To access the Integrated Care Team’s (ICT) service, you must be a patient of a psychiatrist with Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) Services who is ready to have your mental health care provided by your family physician. 
Your psychiatrist or case manager will make the referral for ICT support. Referrals from MHSU case managers can be sent online via Pathways.  Referrals from MHSU psychiatrists can be made by directly contacting the ICT team at 250-519-3547.

Services Provided

  • Collaboration and consultation between ICT and family physicians to support doctor’s practice.
  • Assessment of needs and individualized self-directed wellness plans.
  • Individualized education and support/coaching for enhancing independence in self-management of wellness.
  • Support in goal setting and accessing community supports.
  • Individual and group supports available.
  • Support customized to individual needs and can quickly respond to changes in wellness and provide appropriate response and support.