Victoria Mental Health Centre

Provides ongoing psychiatric treatment and case management support for individuals with severe and persistent mental illness.

Contact Us

Victoria Mental Health Centre
Eric Martin Pavilion
2328 Trent St.
Victoria, BC  V8R 4Z3

Phone: 250.370.8175
Fax: 250.370.8199

Access Services

Services require a referral from your family physician. 

Referrals are processed through Mental Health Intake.

Services Provided

  • Short-term psychiatric consultations
  • Ongoing outpatient psychiatric care
  • Case management and community support
  • Community support workers
  • Close integration with Acute Inpatient Services and community-based services
  • Specialized services including
    • Schizophrenia Service
    • Mood Disorder Service
    • Early Psychosis Intervention
    • Anxiety Disorder Clinic
    • Medication Clinic