Residential and Housing Services

Mental Health and Substance Use provides a range of residential and housing services in the Victoria area to individuals with severe and persistent mental illness. Programs vary from 24 hour care and rehabilitation with professional support staff to low barrier sites with minimal assistance.

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Phone: 250.519.1711 ext. 13301
Fax: 250.519.1712


  • For all residential facilities and housing sites, individuals must meet the criteria for the individual site
  • Be age 19 or over
  • Have a serious and persistent mental illness as the primary treatment issue.  Symptoms of the illness must be of such a nature that the individual requires  the level of care that is provided by the facility.
  • Referral to residential facilities and housing sites go through the Centralized Access to Supported Housing (CASH) Program.

Centralized Access to Supported Housing (CASH)

Phone: 250-519-3595 
Fax: 250-519-3481

The Centralized Access to Supported Housing (CASH) program is a cross-organizational hub for collecting all applications and referrals to mental health supported housing in the Greater Victoria area.  CASH strives to streamline access to supported housing with on-site support services.

Submit referrals by fax to 250-519-3481 Referral Form

For more information please visit the CASH website http://victoriasupportedhousing.ca/


Additional Services

Residential and Housing services also offers the following programs to enable individuals to live as independently as possible including:

Super Clean - provides vocational training and work experience as well as affordable cleaning service for mental health clients. Phone 250-812-8085.

Soup-er Meals - provides vocational training and wholesome affordable frozen meals to enable clients to live as independently as possible. Meals can be picked up at 1035b North Park Street near Cook Street Do It Centre between 9:30am and 4:30pm Tuesday to Friday. Phone 250-361-6015.

Housing Supplement Program - provides time-limited partial housing fund supplements to assist individuals with severe mental illness overcome financial barriers to accessing safe, stable housing. Accessed via case mangers.