Support for Addictions through Management of Independence (SAMI)

The Support for Addictions through Management of Independence (SAMI) team supports clients who have severe and problematic substance use. We create connections to psychosocial, shelter and medical supports.

Our goal is to help our clients develop self-management strategies and independent living skills related to their substance use.

This is a transitional service, and plans for discharge and transition are identified early, not exceeding 90 days in most cases.  

In addition to Island Health clinicians and administrative staff, the SAMI team has two peer support workers provided by Umbrella Society for Additions and Mental Health.  

Eligibility Criteria

  • have multiple recent Emergency department and/or Psychiatric Emergency Service (PES) visits for substance use-related concerns  
  • have high use of acute care services
  • have  severe and persistent problematic substance use which may include mental health issues 
  • have limited or no professional supports 
  • have frequent police involvement due to their substance use 
  • are living at-risk in the community due to their substance use (may be housed or homeless) 
  • have complex and often untreated physical and mental health issues due to their substance use 
  • require intensive outreach case management in the community (visits several times per day or week) to help improve their health outcomes


We accept referrals from clinicians at Emergency Rooms and other inpatient areas in the Greater Victoria area. For referrals from other areas please call the number below.


Royal Jubilee Hospital