Enhanced Collaborative Care Service

For General Practitioners / Physicians

The Enhanced Collaborative Care Service started on March 15, 2010 to support general practitioners (GPs) in Victoria in providing primary care for patients with mental health and addiction care needs. 

Participating GPs and their patients may be asked to take part in an evaluation of this new service to make sure it provides the best possible service.

The Enhanced Collaborative Care Service provides:

  • One-time non-urgent consultations for GPs, along with ongoing specialist telephone availability weekdays 8:30AM to 4:30PM excluding statutatory holidays, and times when the psychiatrist is unavailable.
  • Enhanced skills training for GPs.

Contact Us

MHSU Intake
Phone:  250.519.3485
Fax:  250.381.3222

One-Time Consultations and Telephone Consultation Availability

To access one-time consultations and telephone consultation availability, a GP must make a referral by fax to MHSU Intake.

One-time consultations provide GPs one full consultation along with patient recommendations, and a psychiatrist contact number for future communication around that case.

Please note MHSU Intake may use its discretion to decide whether a patient is served best by the one-time consultation and telephone consultation availability service.  Intake will try to match the GP request with a psychiatrist who has a special interest or expertise relating to the patient's situation if possible.

For more information on this service, please view the One-Time Consultations and Telephone Consultation Availability (PDF) process.