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Psychiatry Inpatient Consultation Liaison Service

Psychiatry Inpatient Consultation Liaison Services provides timely psychiatric assessment and treatment to medically ill inpatients at the Royal Jubilee Hospital and Victoria General Hospital. The service sees in-hospital patients between the ages of 18-75 with concurrent medical and mental disorders, suicidal ideation, aggression, psychosis, delirium, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, competency issues and addictions.

Contact Us

Phone: 250.370.8024

Access Services

Physicians, nurses, and other health professionals can request a Psychiatric consult for an inpatient by calling 250.370.8024.  Consults will be triaged and seen based on urgency.  Turn around on a consult will be between 24-48 hours.

Hours Available

  • Monday to Friday 8:30-4:30 (except STAT holidays)
  • After hours contact the psychiatrist on call

Did You Know?

  • Virtually any systemic illness can cause psychiatric symptoms of one form or another. Treatments for medical disorders also may cause symptoms to arise.

  • 25-30% of primary care patients and 40-50% of hospitalized patients have psychiatric co morbidity.

  • Up to 5% of medical and surgical inpatients do not have medical or surgical problems (somatoform disorders).

  • Not addressing the psychiatric symptoms and syndromes when they present may increase morbidity and mortality.

  • Up to 14% of medical inpatients have severe addictive disorders. Problematic substance use can exceed 50% of medical inpatients.

  • Addiction and Mental Illness can affect any gender, class, age or ethnicity and interfere with medical treatment.

  • Severe addiction disorders usually respond well to specialized treatment, which patients are more likely to accept after meeting with a specialist.

  • Addiction frequently co-occurs with other psychiatric illnesses; diagnosing and treating both disorders results in better outcomes.

  • Mood, Anxiety and Substance abuse disorders are most prevalent in younger patients, and cognitive disorders in older patients (delirium, dementia).

  • Pre-existing psychiatric syndromes increase the likelihood of undiagnosed medical disorders (i.e. cancer, hypertension).