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Care in Hospital

There are four mental health inpatient units at the Patient Care Centre, Royal Jubilee Hospital.

Types of Mental Health Inpatient Services

The Psychiatric Intensive Care (PIC) unit provides short-term intensive psychiatric care to patients with both mental health and substance use disorders in a secure environment. 

The General Psychiatry, Mood Disorders, and Schizophrenia units provide stabilization of acute psychiatric symptoms in a safe environment.

All units are served by multi-disciplinary teams including psychiatrists, nurses, social workers, psychologists, pharmacists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, recreation therapists, and other allied health professionals.

Contact Us

Phone: 250-519-5300  (A switchboard operator will direct your call) 

Patient Care Centre - Royal Jubilee Hospital
1952 Bay Street
Victoria, BC  V8R 1J8

How to Access Services

Access to the inpatient units is by psychiatrist or through Emergency Services.

Services Provided

  • Acute inpatient services work closely with Psychiatric Emergency Services, Victoria Mental Health Centre, the Psychiatric Day Hospital and liaises with other relevant programs and services.

  • Mental health and addiction standardized assessments.
  • Customized patient care/treatment plans.
  • Safety monitoring.
  • Physical health assessment and treatment (including IV medication administration, basic wound care and other medical treatment/procedures).
  • Medication administration, efficacy assessment and monitoring.
  • Diagnostic, medical imaging and laboratory services.
  • Early psychosis screening, assessment and treatment (EPI).
  • Electroconvulsive therapy.
  • Mental health, substance use, and physical health education.
  • Nutritional counseling.
  • Activities and therapeutic group programs (supplemented by the Day Hospital)
  • Activities of daily living assessments.
  • Psychological testing.
  • Financial service/support referrals.
  • Referral/access to both MHSU and non-MHSU community and residential services.
  • Liaison with family physicians and other health professionals in the community.
  • Eating disorder: supportive eating program.