Glengarry Transitional Care Unit

The Glengarry Transitional Care Unit (GTCU) has been developed as a short-term transitional care setting for complex hospital patients who no longer have acute needs, but who require considerable discharge planning to move successfully into a longer-term community setting. The GTCU provides comprehensive and interdisciplinary short term transitional care and discharge planning with patients and families in a small and focused unit, to support the timely and safe discharge of patients to appropriate longer-term locations in the community.

The GTCU is a regional island-wide resource for people who are affected by combinations of mental health, physical health, behavioural and substance use issues who have multifaceted and unique needs that are often not aligned with established community service delivery models and as such are challenging to place in our current continuum of community based settings.

The following professional and paraprofessional practice areas are included in the staffing model: physician services (GP and specialist), nursing, community access case management, social work, recreation therapy, occupational therapy, mental health and substance use support workers and administrative support. The GTCU will be utilizing the services of the existing GGH dietician.

The length of stay at the GTCU is variable and determined by individual need, with the goal being to transition clients through within a relatively short time.  

The GTCU is a partnership between Mental Health and Substance Use, Home and Community Care, Residential Services, Access and Transitions, and Acute Care.

Contact Us

Administrative Office 124-1780 Fairfield Rd. Victoria, BC, V8S 1G7
Phone:  250.388.2295
Fax:  250.388.2296

Access Services

The GTCU Access Protocol facilitates rapid hospital discharge and rapid admission to GTCU. The Island-wide Hospital to Home (H2H) Committee typically recommends patients for admission to the unit, but referrals may also be made by Clinical and Site Directors. Access to these beds is managed through a collaborative panel process with representation from Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) and Home and Community Care (HCC).