Delirium in the Older Person: A Medical Emergency

Winner of the 2006 International Medical Media Award for Geriatrics (The Freddies) 

This DVD contains a 30-minute overview of expert information about delirium in the older person, and specific care information for:

  • acute care (18 minutes)
  • home and community care (23 minutes) 
  • residential care (19 minutes) and
  • delirium at end of life (4 minutes)


  • as a teaching tool to improve ability to recognize, assess and intervene with delirium
  • for formal education of staff, families and clients 
  • to learn about Delirium Watch and Elder Friendly programs in acute care
  • for case conferencing and discussion groups
  • as self-directed learning, at your convenience and at your own pace
  • in conjunction with resources from this website

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