Delirium Resources

Information about delirium for families and health care professionals, including tools, flow sheets, learning tools, and professional practice information.

About Delirium 

Delirium in the Older Person (PDF). Overview of delirium; tools for recognition, assessment and treatment of delirium are placed in context. This is a useful teaching handout.  Bibliography (PDF)

Quick Reference Tools

Delirium Decision Tree (PDF)
Quick Reference Guide (PDF) 


Island Health Delirium Clinical Standards Guidelines [Please contact us]
Drugs that can Cause Delirium (PDF)
You Can Prevent Delirium Poster (PDF) 


Information Pamphlet for Families (PDF)  
Information Pamphlet for Health Care Providers (PDF)

2 Ds Differentiating Delirium from Dementia (PDF)
3 Ds Differentiating Delirium from Dementia and Depression (PDF)

Physiological Changes with Aging (PDF)
Age-Related Changes (PDF)  


Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) (PDF) and CAM Training Manual  
CAM-ICU and CAM-ICU Training manual

Laboratory Investigations (PDF)
Behaviour Monitoring Chart (PDF)
Sleep-Wake Monitoring Chart (PDF) 
Sleep Hygiene Log (PDF)
Symptom Screening (PDF)
Search for Cause (PDF) (legal-size)


Search for Solutions (PDF) (legal-size)
Hallucinations and Delusions (PDF)

Learning about Delirium: Take a Quiz

Age-Related Changes (PDF) Read before playing game
Jeopardy! - Age Related Changes (PDF)
Delirium Crossword (PDF)
2D Quiz (PDF) Delirium or Dementia? (answer key included)
3D Quiz (PDF) Delirium, Dementia or Depression? (answer key included)
Pre and Post Learning Test (PDF) (answer key included)


Professional Practice Resources:

Acute Care

The Assessment and Treatment of Delirium - Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health 2014 Guideline Update

Island Health Delirium Clinical Standards Guidelines [Please contact us]
Delirium Watch - Alert (PDF)

For additional tools used within Island Health, see Seniors Health or contact us.

Delirium at End of Life

End of Life Care National Health Service, U.K.

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