Community Care Complaints

Long term care facilities are inspected to protect the health, safety and well-being of residents, and to ensure minimum health and safety requirements are being followed.  These requirements include facility specific policies, staffing, care, building requirements and others. Inspection reports inform the facility operator and the public of current compliance with requirements and also provide a historical context. In addition to inspections, an investigation is conducted in response to complaints and allegations of abuse. Complaints play an integral part of the ongoing monitoring of long term care facilities. 

Long term care facilities may be regulated either under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act or Hospital Act. A complaint (concern or dissatisfaction) respecting the operation of a long term care facility under the Community Care and Assisted Living Act or Hospital Act may be submitted by the general public, a person in care, family or staff/volunteer of a facility or another agency. All complaints are investigated, reviewed and followed up.

Complaint information on this website is a summary of confirmed violations or deficiencies found during the complaint investigation process. The complaint information reflects the date when the complaint was received, the area where the violation or deficiency was found, and indicates that the facility has taken the necessary corrective actions. 

Visitors to this site are cautioned against making conclusions about the quality of a facility based solely on the number or type of complaints. Before making a decision about the quality and suitability of a facility for yourself or loved one, take time to make sure you have enough information by conducting additional research, gathering information and contacting the facility to make arrangements for a visit.  

If you have questions about a particular facility please contact your local Licensing office. If you want to register a complaint about a facility please contact your local Licensing Office or the Patient Care Quality Office.

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