Risk Assessments in Community Care

The Risk Assessment Tool will promote consistency of practice, and provide additional depth to routine compliance inspection information.

The new Risk Assessment Tool will not be used on newly licensed or not yet operating facilities.  A risk assessment will be conducted on a newly licensed facility during the first routine compliance inspection; generally occurring after 6 -12 months of operation. 

The risk assessment results will be shared with facility operators.

Over time the new Risk Assessment Tool will support the assignment of inspection resources based on risk of harm to persons in care, and should allow for a comparison of facilities across the province.

The Ministry of Health and local BC heath authorities will carry out an analysis of the new Risk Assessment Tool to determine whether it is meeting the intended outcomes.

A Risk Assessment will determine a Facility Risk Rating scored out of 40 and assign a value of  low, medium or high to each facility.   

  • A score between 3 and 13 measures at a Low
  • A score between 14 and 20 measures at a Medium
  • A score between 21 and 40 measures at a High