Residential Facilities

In the province of British Columbia there is legislation to protect adults and children receiving care in licensed residential community care facilities. This legislation is the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the Residential Care Regulation. Individuals providing care to more than two individuals, not related to them, are required to be licensed, and to provide care in a licensed setting.

Care means supervision that is provided to:

  • a child or youth through a residential care facility;
  • an adult who is vulnerable because of family circumstances, age, disability, illness or frailty; and dependent on caregivers for continuing assistance or direction in the form of three (3) or more prescribed services.

Prescribed services are defined in the Community Care and Assisted Living Regulation as:

  • regular assistance with activities of daily living, including eating, mobility, dressing, grooming, bathing or personal hygiene;
  • central storage of medication, distribution of medication, administering medication or monitoring the taking of medication;
  • maintenance or management of the cash resources or other property of a resident or person in care;
  • monitoring of food intake or of adherence to therapeutic diets;
  • structured behaviour management and intervention;
  • psychosocial rehabilitative therapy or intensive physical rehabilitative therapy.

Licensing Officers inspect, license and monitor over 200 licensed residential care facilities in Island Health.

Submitting Reportable Incidents Online

As of June 1, 2015, our electronic incident report form is live and available for use by licensed Residential Care facilities across the island to submit their reportable incidents to Licensing. 

If you submit your reportable incidents to Licensing electronically, please print out a copy for your own records and a copy to send to your funding body (if applicable).  When you hit submit, the electronic incident report form is sent to Licensing only.  If you have submitted an electronic incident report form, you do not have to send a hard copy of the form to Licensing.

Access the electronic Incident Reporting form.

How to use the e-Incident Form

Electronic Incident Form FAQs

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