FAQ's for Smoke-Free Apartment Living

A smoke-free home is a residence where no smoking is allowed inside anytime by anyone. A smoke-free home is one where people are asked not to smoke while visiting. 

Can a Strata Council pass a bylaw making the building a smoke-free?

Yes. Within the bylaw you can put in suggestions on how to make the building smoke-free, such as:

  • People agree not to smoke in their suites
  • Balcony smoking be limited to the winter months etc.

How can I decrease the amount of smoke entering a suite from another suite or balcony?

  • Put weather-stripping around doors.
  • Wrap shared plumbing pipes with extra insulation.
  • Ask for outside fan ventilation.

Is taking a smoke break outside on my balcony a problem?

Possibly.  Smoke may be drifting into other apartments. 

  • Check with neighbours to see if smoke is drifting.
  • Consider going for a walk when having a smoke, especially during summer months when fellow condo owners are trying to enjoy fresh air on their balconies.