Tobacco-Free Sports

Brendan Carr laces up with the Victoria Cougars Photo: Island Health CEO, Dr. Brendan Carr laces up to celebrate the Victoria Cougars' commitment to smoke-free living.
The best way to stop smoking is not to start, and in order to drive home that message Island Health teams up each year with Vancouver Island’s Junior Hockey teams.

What do smoking prevention and ice hockey have in common?

These young hockey players are leaders both on and off the ice and by choosing to live a smoke-free lifestyle they are sending a compelling message to their peer group about smoking.

Players, coaches and team personnel all receive tobacco prevention training. As part of their partnership with Island Health, each team must make a number of presentations on tobacco-free sports to elementary and middle school students in their region. Smoke-free messaging is displayed at the games, along with resources for living a tobacco-free life.

Hockey teams sponsored by Island Health in the 2015-2016 season:

Want to support your team/sport to be tobacco-free?

It’s easy to do. Here are some tips that can help you to promote the tobacco-free sports approach with your own team or sport:

Adopt a tobacco-free messaging policy for your team which includes:

  • Tobacco-free expectations for players, coaches, trainers, staff and volunteers,
  • The consequences for not adhering to policy,
  • The plan for having the team sign the policy/contract, and
  • How this policy will be communicated, implemented, monitored and enforced.

Take a tobacco-free pledge and challenge your teammates to do the same. Download this sample pledge form.

Educate your teammates regarding the truth about tobacco and sports. For more information, head to Play, Live, Be Tobacco-Free.