Group Programs

Group pain management programs offer an interdisciplinary approach to assessment and treatment for individuals with persistent pain. Our goal is to assist people with persistent pain by empowering them to regain and maintain control of their pain and their lives.

Who are the programs for?

The programs will be most beneficial to those individuals who are having difficulty coping with their chronic pain and its impact on their lives, especially if they have experienced a decrease in functional ability (self-care, home management, work, social activities, recreation, family roles).

Health care professionals guide clients in exploring strategies for living more effectively with chronic pain, allowing them to participate in activities they enjoy. 

How do I access them?

Once you are referred by your family doctor to the Island Health Pain Program, you can start the programs suggested to you by the team.

Please review the following program lists and register for one or more sessions/programs by calling the numbers listed there:

Self-Management Programs RJH 2018 (PDF)

Self-Management Programs - NRGH (PDF)