Provide Feedback on End-of-Life Care in the Comox Valley

Island Health is committed to providing high quality, accessible services and supports to all individuals and families dealing with end-of-life care.

In June, Island Health announced that we will be consolidating the existing four and future two community hospice beds currently located in the Comox Valley at The Views, to a site where all end-of-life (EOL) services, including Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), can be accessed. Based on Island Health’s experience, the ideal location for community hospice beds is within a residential care facility as this provides a community option and will enhance the overall care for all residents.

As noted at that time, the views of the community are very important to us and we made a commitment to gather feedback from community stakeholders on Island Health’s potential options for relocation, and to gather additional feedback the community may have prior to Island Health making a final decision.

What we have heard from the community so far

On October 3, Island Health representatives met with a range of Comox Valley stakeholders. An excellent conversation took place and there was strong consensus that the vision is a community-based model of hospice care that provides the full range EOL services, including MAiD

The feedback received from community stakeholders centered around the following values/criteria:

    • Community hospice beds should provide the full range of EOL care, including MAiD.
    • Wherever the community hospice beds are located, the provider should respect the choices of individuals, including the decision to receive MAiD in the facility.
    • If there is a lengthy period of time (two or more years) before a permanent option can be put in place, a temporary option should be considered.
    • The long-term option that is chosen should maximize the investment.
    • The community option should be centrally located and easy to access for all patients and families.  This includes being located with public transit options.
    • The site should provide easy access for physicians and care providers.

The community is assured that Island Health is working toward both interim and long term solutions. Island Health’s next steps include establishing a local steering committee made up of community stakeholders, including the Comox Valley Hospice Society, to provide input on the values and criteria for interim and long-term options for consideration in Island Health’s decision making process.

Share your thoughts with us

Island Health would like to gather additional feedback from community members and stakeholders on the criteria and values set out above.

Send your feedback by email to eol@viha.ca by November 24, 2017.