Executed copies

Two copies of all contracts are signed with one executed hard copy retained by Medical Affairs and one executed copy returned to the physician for their records.

Fair Business Practice

VIHA programs must ensure they adhere to VIHA’s Fair Business Policy and obtain the necessary VIHA executive approvals.  Please see VIHA Contract Policy and Standards


GST may be applicable on your payments.  Generally, administrative contracts totalling in excess of $30,000 per annum are subject to GST. VIHA requires vendors to provide a GST number. Please contact your financial advisor or accountant to determine if GST applies in your case. 


Details regarding how to invoice are included in the terms and conditions of all contracts.  Invoices submitted to request payment must include all appropriate documentation.  Unsigned invoices will be returned.  Payments are contingent upon receipt of a signed contract or contract amendment.

Ministry of Health Funding

Contracts funded through the Ministry of Health are subject to the Ministry’s policies and procedures and are subject to provincially negotiated agreements.


The Medical Services Plan (MSP) insures medically-required services provided by physicians and supplementary health care practitioners, laboratory services and diagnostic procedures. For an overview of MSP please contact your local Service BC location or MSP.

MSP and Contracts

Physicians who have a Service Contract, Sessional Contract, or Salary Contract with VIHA are excluded from receiving MSP payments for any service that is defined under their Service, Sessional, or Salary Contract. 

Signatures and Payments

All contracts must be signed by the physician, professional corporation, or each member of a physician group, before payments can be processed.  Any changes to contractual terms or deliverables are to be documented in a signed contract amendment.