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Types of Physician Contracts

Service Contracts

A service contract is appropriate for a bundle of clinical services provided by a physician or physician group, for example, primary care services in a rural or remote community.  Service contracts are generally intended for physicians providing full time service in areas where reduced MSP billings may not attract a full time physician. 

Service contracts outline details of the services to be provided by the physician or physician group, and the health authority, and the amount to be paid for those services. 

Decisions to enter into, or renew, a service contract are made on an annual basis.  When funding is available, a call for applications will be made through the VIHA program areas in the fall, for consideration in the following fiscal year. 

Sessional Contracts

Sessional contracts provide time-based funding for physician services where one session equals 3.5 hours. Sessional funding is often used when patient care is comparatively time-intensive and difficult to sustain on a fee-for-service basis.  Examples include mental health and geriatric care.  

Applications for new sessional allocations are accepted year-round and compensation rates are fixed based on rates negotiated by the BCMA and the BC Government as part of the Physician Master Agreement. Sessions may only be invoiced using on-line sessional billing. Please contact physician_comp@viha.ca  or physiciancontracts@viha.ca for further information

Medical On-Call / Availability Program (MOCAP)

MOCAP provides hospitals with continuous emergency coverage where specialty services are required on an intermittent basis. Physicians are compensated for being available (on-call).

Upon determination of need for a MOCAP contract, VIHA issues contracts to approved physician groups.  All participating members of the group are required to sign the MOCAP contract.

Eligibility and compensation for MOCAP contracts are established in the Physician Master Agreement. 

Doctor of the Day (DoD) Contracts

Provides funding for the care of patients who are admitted to a hospital (or designated care facility) and do not have a family physician with admitting privileges who can care for them.  

Where VIHA issues contracts to approved physician groups, all participating members of the group are required to sign the DoD contract

Eligibility and compensation for DoD contracts are established in the Physician Master Agreement. 

VIHA Program Funded Contracts

VIHA program funded contracts differ from others listed here in that their funding is derived from a program’s operating budget, as opposed to VIHA’s overall budget for physician services.   Programs using operating funding to contract for physician services are required to follow established executive pre-approval protocols.  Physicians should not commence work on deliverables of a program operating budget funded contract, until all approvals have been received.  Please contact Physician Contracts/

Medical Administration Contracts

These contracts represent stipends for physicians to participate in leadership functions in VIHA, for instance co-leadership of a VIHA program or portfolio.

System Redesign Contracts

This is a contract that provides for physicians to participate in health service redesign to improve service delivery within VIHA.  An annual request for proposals is initiated by Medical Affairs.