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Negotiated Agreements

Negotiated Agreements between the Government of British Columbia and the Doctors of BC (formerly the British Columbia Medical Association). 

Physician Master Agreement

The Physician Master Agreement  is Provincial legislation that covers the relationship and economic arrangements between the government of British Columbia and the Doctors of BC.

A highlights document outlining various aspects of the agreement structure is available: Highlights of the Physician Master Agreement

The Physician Master Agreement is a 199 page document and includes within it the following Appendices: 
1. Appendix A:  2012 General Practitioners Subsidiary Agreement (page 63)

2. Appendix B:  2012 Specialists Subsidiary Agreement (page 69)

3. Appendix C:  2012 Rural Practice Subsidiary Agreement (page 74)
                          Appendix A:  Communities With At Least 0.5 Isolation Points (page 87)
                          Appendix B:  NITAOP Communities (page 89)
                          Appendix C:  Isolation Point Criteria (page 90)
                          Appendix D:  Physician Supply Plans (page 91)

4. Appendix D:  2012 Alternative Payments Subsidiary Agreement (page 92)
                          Schedule A:   2011/12 Salary Agreement  (page 105)
                          Schedule B:   2011/12 Service Contract Ranges (page 106)
                          Schedule C:   Provincial Sessional Rates (page 107)
                          Schedule D:  Standard Terms and Conditions of Employment Under Salary 
                                                Agreements (page 108)
                          Schedule E:  Template Service Contract (116)
                          Schedule F:  Template Sessional Contract (page 132)
                          Schedule G:  Classification Criteria for the Medical health Officer 1 and Medical 
                                                health Officer 2 Practice Categories – Salary Agreements and 
                                                Service Contracts

5. Appendix E:  2012 Benefits Subsidiary Agreement (page 149)

6. Appendix F:  Adjustments to Fees, Service Contract Ranges and Service Contract Rates,Salary
                         Agreement Ranges and Salary Agreement Rates, and Sessional Contract Rates 
                        (page 162)

7. Appendix G:  Medical On-Call/Availability Program (MOCAP) (page 165)

8. Appendix H:  Physician Information Technology Office (page 181)

Additional Agreements

1. Communication to Physicians Regarding Implementation of APC Adjustments for April 1, 2010
    (PDF 554K ) (April, 2010)
2. Consensus Decision of the Alternative Payments Committee (APC) (PDF 255K ) (December, 2010)
3. Dedicated Obstetrical Anesthesia (DOBA) Letter of Agreement (PDF 99K) (December, 2011)
4. Laboratory Medicine Workload Agreement (PDF 205K) (January 2011)
5. Memorandum of Agreement Ministry of Health/British Columbia Medical Association and British
    Columbia Anesthesiologists' Society (PDF 298K) (December, 2009)
6. Memorandum Concerning Physician Staffing at 19 Service Contracted Emergency Departments
     in BC (PDF 213K) (September 21, 2010)