Medical Staff Recruitment

The Island Health Medical Staff Recruitment team provides the following services:

Recruitment of General Practitioners and Specialists

  • Assist Program, Division, and/or Department leaders with approval processes for Medical Planning & Credentials Committee endorsement
  • Develop marketing and advertising strategies for approved positions
  • Support selection committee processes (prescreening of applicants, obtaining references, coordination of interviews and site visits, and preparation of offer letters)

Recruitment of International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

  • Oversee steps leading to College licensure
  • Oversee receipt and maintenance of work permit
  • Provide ongoing support to IMGs and their families as they relocate to Vancouver Island          

Contact Us

General Enquiries physicians@viha.ca (250) 755-7691 ext.53902
Manager Eva.Vincent@viha.ca

(250) 755-7691
ext. 53072

Coordinator, Geography 1 & 3 Recruitment (map) Sheila.Leversidge@viha.ca (250) 755-7691 ext.56972
Coordinator, Geography 2 Recruitment (map) Melissa.Allen@viha.ca  

(250) 755-7691 ext.53069

Coordinator, Geography 4 Recruitment (map) Sara.Murtagh@viha.ca

(250) 755-7691 ext.53096

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