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On August 1 st, we launched our new public website:


and a new website for medical staff:


Our website was developed in partnership with patients and residents of Vancouver Island and the surrounding regions. It's accessible, mobile friendly and flexible to help us evolve with our communities as we work towards excellent health and care for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Come visit the new sites and update your bookmarks. This www.viha.ca site will continue to be available for one month so that our staff and partners have time to update their links to the new site. You can still browse the old site but it will no longer be updated.


Medical Staff Recruitment

The Island Health Medical Staff Recruitment team provides the following services:

Recruitment of General Practitioners and Specialists

  • Assist Program, Division, and/or Department leaders with approval processes for Medical Planning & Credentials Committee endorsement
  • Develop marketing and advertising strategies for approved positions
  • Support selection committee processes (prescreening of applicants, obtaining references, coordination of interviews and site visits, and preparation of offer letters)

Recruitment of International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

  • Oversee steps leading to College licensure
  • Oversee receipt and maintenance of work permit
  • Provide ongoing support to IMGs and their families as they relocate to Vancouver Island          

Contact Us

General Enquiries physicians@viha.ca (250) 755-7691 ext.53902
Manager Eva.Vincent@viha.ca

(250) 755-7691
ext. 53072

Coordinator, Geography 1 & 3 Recruitment (map) Sheila.Leversidge@viha.ca (250) 755-7691 ext.56972
Coordinator, Geography 2 Recruitment (map) Melissa.Allen@viha.ca  

(250) 755-7691 ext.53069

Coordinator, Geography 4 Recruitment (map) Sara.Murtagh@viha.ca

(250) 755-7691 ext.53096

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