On-Site Orientation

Thank you for visiting the On-Site Orientation page. The content on this page is being continuously updated as we work towards developing information for more sites and departments. Please check back regularly.

Below you will find some tools and information to help you get oriented to your site and practice. In addition, we recommend meeting with your Department Head, Site Chief, or their designate, and touring your physical work site prior to starting patient care.


checklist (printable) with questions you may wish to ask and locations you may wish to identify in advance of starting.

Site Orientation Manuals (where available)

* Intranet only - how to connect

Emergency and Site Disaster Information

* Intranet only - how to connect

General Site Information

General site information including addresses and location maps, phone and fax numbers, and parking information for all Island Health sites is available on our Care Locations page.

Detailed site maps are available for: