Employed Student Nurse Program

Consolidate skills, gain confidence and get paid!

What is the Employed Student Nurse (ESN) Program?

The provincial Employed Student Nurse (ESN) program provides opportunities for Registered Nursing students to work as part of interdisciplinary teams and consolidate skills in supernumerary positions, under the regulatory supervision of Registered Nurses (RNs).

Island Health offers year-round employment positions, available in a variety of settings, with each ESN being allocated 275 hours per year (to be used by March 31 of each year).

Benefits of the ESN Program 

Program evaluations show the following benefits of the ESN Program:

  • Opportunities for students to consolidate their skills and gain confidence in their practice.
  • Students are better prepared to transition into future RN positions.
  • Students are better prepared for jobs.
  • Clients and families receiving care and services benefit from the additional nursing services provided.
  • Nursing teams benefit from the vitality and energy ESNs bring to their roles. 
  • Opportunity for students to defray their tuition costs or student loans.

Application Criteria

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) students who have met the following criteria are qualified to apply for the ESN program::

  • Current enrolment in a recognized BScN program.
  • Successful completion of the second year of the BScN program.
  • Current practicing Employed Student Registration with CRNBC.
  • Current certificate in basic cardiac life support.
  • Current membership with the British Columbia Nurses' Union (BCNU).

Application Process

ESN positions are posted on VIHire as they become available. To apply on VIHire, applicants need to:

  1. Create a VIHire account.
  2. Create a profile.
  3. Upload a resume and cover letter.
  4. Set up account to receive auto-alerts via email for new job postings.
  5. Apply to relevant postings.

Directions on how to complete this process are on the VIHire website.