Simulation Mannequins and Task Trainers

Powered by wireless technology, simulated human patients are ultra-modern learning tools designed to elevate the understanding of human health care education for a range of professionals.

The centre uses mannequins ranging in age and body type from newborn to adult. Each has a name, a medical and social history, and lifelike features including blinking eyes, a beating heart, working lungs, and a voice that responds to treatments. 

Each mannequin can be programmed to behave in different ways, with vital signs that respond to treatments and interventions, and an intercom system that allows for the patient voice to be heard by the care delivery team. They have a pulse and transmit these electrical rhythms to bedside monitors. The Simulation Technologist, in the control booth, can simulate various medical conditions which range from common clinical situations to high acuity events requiring urgent interventions.

Task trainers provide learners with the key elements necessary to practice performing a task. This allows for basic skills development and on-demand practice of clinical, often ultrasound guided, procedures including:

  • Central Vascular Access (femoral / neck / pediatric)
  • Lumbar Puncture (adult / pediatric)
  • Thoracentesis
  • Paracentesis
  • Knee arthrocentesis
  • Crycothyrotemy
  • Airway trainers
Simulation mannequins range in age and body type from newborn to adult