For people who manage infections. Access articles, review cases, participate in discussion and see therapy reccomendations. 

Bugs and Drugs

A Canadian based information guide with recommendations based on experience in infectious disease, microbiology and pharmacology. Available on paper and idevices, visit www.bugsanddrugs.ca for more information. For physicians to order your own copy click here

A Global Inventory:  Antimicrobial Stewardship

A project from the International Socety of Chemotherapy and infectionNet, intended to:

  • spotlight the work of individuals and organizations who promote good use of antimicrobials
  • develop an inventory of interested individuals and facilitate their interaction
  • help increase awareness and response to the issue of antimicrobial misuse and resistance

Ten Commandments

Recommendation for the appropriate use of antibiotics by a physician in an outpatient setting.(PDF)

Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group

A multi-disciplinary forum focussed on enhancing the quality of antimicrobial prescrbing and management.