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The Infection Prevention and Control (IPAC) Team is here to help you with all your IPAC questions.  During regular business hours, please contact us directly.  On weekends and statutory holidays, staff are always available.

  • Infection Control Practitioners Contact Information(PDF)
  • IPAC Management Team (PDF)

    Remember that the IPAC Reference Guide(PDF) is kept up to date and should be your first point of reference.  Should you not find the answers to your questions, the Team is ready to lend a hand.

  • Infection Prevention in the Community and Contracted Facilities

    The Communicable Disease Hubs provide information and support related to disease management in the community and contracted facilities.

    Regular working hours: 

    South Island - 250-388-2225
    Centre Island - 250-740-2615
    North Island - 250-331-8555


    Infection Prevention in Affiliated Facilities

    The Medical Health Officers provide information and support related to disease management in Public Health Units or in affiliated facilities.