Most of the links below will connect you with educational Power Point presentations that you can learn from or use for staff education.

General Information on Infection Prevention and Control

General information on infection prevention and control practices and procedures


Risk Assessment for All Health Care Workers (2011) (PDF) - all health care workers have a role to play in the safety of themselves and others

Link Workers (2011) (PDF) - how health care workers can bridge the gap between their units and the IPC Team

Routine Practices (2010) (PDF) - what they are and why they are used

Outbreak Preparation for Long Term Care Facilities (2008) (PDF) - how to best prepare for outbreaks

Webinar and On-Line Education

There are many other resources available for infection control education


Provincial Infection Control Network (PICNet) Webinars

Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC)