Combined Quality Council

The overall role of the Combined Quality Council (CQC) is to provide leadership, expert opinion and support to Island Health’s quality activities. The CQC oversees all quality activities, except those related solely to professional concerns about individual clinicians. The CQC is also responsible for resolution of quality issues, such as matters of contention and concerns that cross departmental or professional lines. 

The CQC includes an Executive group, an Expert group, and an Advisory group, supported by a Secretariat. The roles of each of these groups is discussed below.

Groups within the Combined Quality Council

CQC Executive Group 
The CQC Executive group determines the priorities and directions for the CQC and provides overall direction for quality programs. Membership consists of four leaders from main Island Health organizational stakeholder groups, four leaders from the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee, two Island Health executives (non-voting), with two Chairpersons from Island Health’s Quality, Research and Safety program.

CQC Advisory Group
The CQC Advisory group advises the CQC Executive on quality issues and activities across Island Health, and provides linkages between local quality committees, local medical advisory committees, and medical quality assurance committees. Membership consists of the chairs of these local quality groups.

CQC Expert Group
The CQC Expert group comprises members who have a defined role in Island Health quality systems, and members who are assembled specifically to provide advice to the CQC Executive on certain quality issues. Membership is by invitation from CQC Executive on the basis of relevant expertise and responsibility, and may include membership on time-limited working groups.

CQC Secretariat
The CQC Secretariat comprises the Executive Director and Executive Medical Director from the Quality, Research and Safety portfolio, supported by a Coordinator. The secretariat coordinates CQC activities and manages CQC information flows, storage and distribution. 

Quality Infrastructure - Councils and Committees

Portfolio and Program Quality Councils
Portfolio quality councils and program quality councils provide leadership, support and direction with respect to quality and patient safety within Island Health's clinical portfolios - the departments responsible for providing direct patient care - and the respective programs they deliver. (See organizational charts outlining these portfolios and the programs within each portfolio.)

The portfolio quality councils address quality issues that affect all the programs related to the specific portfolio. The program quality councils address local quality issues within their specific program.

Quality councils lead quality activities including patient safety reviews and developing and reviewing clinical practice guidelines, policies and procedures, as well as ensuring their area meets expectations under Accreditation and Clinical Care Management.

Local Medical Advisory Committees
Local medical advisory committees monitor the quality of medical care (i.e., care provided by physicians) within a geographic area or designated facility. They make recommendations to the Health Authority Medical Advisory Committee and the Health Authority Medical Quality Committee. (More information on medical advisory committees can be found in the Island Health Medical Staff Bylaws*.

* Note: this document is available on to staff & physicians via the Island Health intranet. You will be prompted to log on if viewing this from an external computer. For information on accessing the intranet, click here.

Medical Quality Assurance Committees
Medical quality assurance committees provide a forum for physician-focused learning. Most function as a sub-committee of a program quality council.