Combined Quality System

for staff and physicians

The Combined Quality System (CQS) brings together Island Health’s organizational and medical quality activities to advance our work in achieving world-class quality.

The CQS was created to provide a structure that brings together the quality activities of councils, committees and leaders, making these activities more efficient and relevant across the health region. The CQS oversees matters and activities related to quality, and sets direction for improving quality within our organization.

The CQS operates on three basic principles: Respect for people’s time and needs by avoiding duplication with other committees or organizational efforts; Shared accountability for quality by staff and physicians; and Shared information relating to quality to promote learning and spread of good practice.

All information relating to quality flows through the Combined Quality System leaders, with the Combined Quality Council (CQC) interpreting and sharing this information as appropriate. Local quality committees, who oversee activities related to specific programs, portfolios and medical practice, address site-specific quality issues and report on their activities to the CQC. In turn, the Combined Quality Council communicates with these committees about wider organizational issues.

Explore this site to find out more about the Combined Quality Council and other structures within the Combined Quality System.