Policy Development

Policies, procedures and guidelines provide for consistent, quality care based on the most current best practices and national standards. Island Health’s Quality Governance program is putting in place an improved system for staff and physicians to develop new policies, procedures and guidelines, with standard processes, clear lines of accountability and updated resources.

The new policy development process is one part of the Quality Governance program's work to establish leadership systems and processes for Island Health’s quality work. These will define:

  • the oversight and decision-making structure,
  • the guidance, support and education resources for implementation, and
  • the expectations and responsibilities for evaluating, reporting and periodic review.

Ultimately, our goal at Island Health is that quality is part of everyone’s daily work.

Developing a New Policy or Guideline?

Please fill out the Policies and Procedures Development Form."

* Note: these resources are available to staff & physicians via the Island Health intranet. You will be prompted to log on if viewing this from an exernal computer. For information on accessing the intranet, click here.

Quality Governance Partners in Island Health

To ensure success and a multi-stakeholder approach, Quality Governance is partnered with these key Island Health entities:

  • Island Health Board and Executive: provides organizational vision and oversight and decision for quality work that is organizational in scope.
  • Combined Quality Council: provides leadership, expert opinion, oversight and decision (or delegate  decision-making authority) for quality work in Island Health’s Integrated Health Services that is organizational in scope.
  • Professional Practice Office:* provides learning opportunities and tools for nursing staff and allied health professionals.
  • Document Management System:* provides oversight and administration for the Policies and Procedures intranet site.