Improving Patient Safety

   for staff and physicians
learning from experience

    As health care professionals striving to provide the highest level of care and safety, we have  
    a responsibility to listen to our patients, learn from our past experience, and continuously   
    evaluate our practices to identify ways we can improve.

    If a patient safety event (an adverse event or a near miss) has shown the the safety of a  
    patient is at risk, it is essential to learn all we can from the incident. Learning is achieved  
    through tools such as safety event reporting, patient safety reviews, and tracking and 
    monitoring trends.

    Along with these retrospective activities, we use prospective strategies to prevent and 
    mitigate patient safety events even before they happen.

    We also learn by listening to our patients’ feedback, concerns and compliments, so we can  
    target areas for improvement, highlight our successes, and ensure we are delivering the   
    highest quality care for our patients.

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