Care Quality Concerns

for staff and physicians

Island Health's Patient Care Quality Office (PCQO) provides an accessible and transparent point of contact for patients, their families and their representatives to share their impressions and feedback. This may include compliments or complaints regarding the quality of care provided by Island Health or one of its contracted service providers.

The PCQO may assist with the coordination of a comprehensive and collaborative care quality review. This review can provide patients, families or representatives with answers to their questions about the care that was provided to an Island Health patient.  In the event of a complaint, the PCQO works together with program leaders and direct care providers to achieve resolution and support service recovery.

Patient Care Quality Office Website

The PCQO website contains detailed information about our mandate, services, and contact information. Visit the website to find tips for writing letters to the PCQO, information about related areas in Island Health, and links to other public agencies that provide services similar to those of the PCQO.

Managing at the Local Level

Are you an Island Health employee looking for more information about the PCQO? Visit the intranet site* for local level resolution tips, correspondence standards, PCQO Best Practices, Patient Care Quality Review Board information and other tools and resources.

* Note: This link is available to staff and physicians via the Island Health intranet. You will be prompted to log on if you are viewing this from an external computer. For information on accessing the intranet, click here