Learning from Events

Retrospective Analysis

The goal of retrospective analysis is to promote learning and improve patient care by examining practice in a care setting following a patient safety event. In Island Health, this type of retrospective analysis is referred to as a patient-focused review, and may examine a single event or multiple events with similar themes.

While the criteria or process used to conduct each review type may differ, every retrospective review uses quality improvement methodologies, engages key stakeholders and provides concrete recommendations for the future. In addition, reviews are conducted with the intention of improving patient safety, in an environment that is open, honest, respectful and without blame. The goal of a review is not to examine individual performance, but to identify improvement opportunities in our systems and processes.

The goal of a review is not to examine individual performance, but to identify improvements to our processes and systems. A review may examine one independent event or multiple events with similar themes.

Types of Reviews

At Island Health, reviews are typically defined as either a Program-commissioned Review or a Combined Quality Council-commissioned Review.

A Program-commissioned Review (also referred to as a Simple Review) is a review that is conducted locally (i.e. within a specific program, portfolio or department).

A Combined Quality Council-commissioned Review (also referred to as a Complex Review) is a review which crosses organizational boundaries – program, portfolio or geographic. Depending on the complexity of the review, the Combined Quality Council (CQC) may assign a Quality and Patient Safety Consultant to provide additional support.

There may be times when an immediate system response is required to ensure Island Health continues to provide safe care to all patients. A Rapid Response Review results from an incident that falls within a defined set of criteria, and involves a pause in clinical activity. The review itself follows the same basic principles as other reviews.

You can find more information on the Rapid Response Review here, or see Island Health’s Strategic Quality Plan.*

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