Passion for Quality

Island Health’s commitment to quality care is not just about providing our patients with impeccable service in a safe environment. It is about continuously improving that level of quality through on-going communication and self-assessment. With an eye to improving quality, leaders, staff and care providers from every department share ideas, experiences and knowledge, working together to create a culture of world-class quality across Island Health.

Explore this site to learn about the systems and tools we use to help guide us in our mission to provide excellent care for everyone, everywhere, every time.

Combined Quality System


Quality systems in Island Health have been rebuilt over the past two years, joining organizational and physician quality functions under the common umbrella of the new Combined Quality System. The Combined Quality System supports quality work at all Island Health facilities, bringing together the efforts of clinical staff, leaders, site and program quality councils, and medical advisory and quality assurance committees to ensure a streamlined and integrated approach to improving care and safety across all levels of the organization.

Based on principles of respect, accountability and shared information, the Combined Quality System provides the framework for enhancing organizational learning opportunities, building improvement capacity internally and clearer accountability for quality activities and issues in Island Health.

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Accreditation is an internationally recognized evaluation system that Island Health uses to make sure we continue to meet evolving care standards and provide the highest level of quality care possible. Being accredited means that we have been assessed by the third-party organization Accreditation Canada and have proved ourselves to be meeting or exceeding current health care standards.

The accreditation process involves visits from health-care professionals representing Accreditation Canada, who speak with staff, volunteers, patients and families to gain a better understanding of our care practices. Though these site visits happen every three years, staff at Island Health are committed to maintaining a level of quality care and safety that would qualify our facilities for accredited status at any time.

Clinical Care Management


Along with accreditation, the Clinical Care Management initiative is one of the ways we evaluate the quality of care provided to our patients. This initiative focuses on nine areas of the health care system, such as hand hygiene, heart failure and critical care, where there are opportunities to make a significant difference in patient care and safety in the health care system.

Under Clinical Care Management, Island Health measures how often guidelines for care in each of the nine areas are followed and examines patient outcomes in order to identify areas for improvement.

Clinical Care Management
 is a provincial initiative led by the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council .

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Policy Development

     Led by Island Health’s Quality Governance team, the development of quality care policies defines expectations and responsibilities for staff and care providers. In developing new policies, Island Health incorporates emerging best practices and standards with the goal of embedding world-class quality into our everyday practice.

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